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Hop into a rocket space ship and race on a reflex testing obstacle course in this intense, adrenaline pumping flying action.

Track Mayhem is an infinite flyer that puts you in a seat of a quantum levitating spacecraft flying at incredible speeds through a challenging obstacle track in space.

It will draw you in gently, but then the intensity is cranked up, speed increases, your reflexes are tested to the limit, your adrenaline boosts through the roof.. how long can you survive this absolute mayhem?

Track Mayhem features non-stop action through an infinite course made of 10 unique inside and outside levels, with mind bending transitions.

Avoid obstacles by skillfully navigating the jet powered spacecraft at hyper-sonic speeds using either tap or tilt controls. When all else fails, and you know you are in a tight spot, fire up a protective force field around your ship to shield you from damage as you blast ahead. Hit all the booster pads to give you extra speed and intensity to reach your targets and win gold in all sections! When you master the skills required, switch to hard and ratchet up the intensity even further.


If you like motorcycle racing, formula 1, military jets, rockets, wipeout, star wars and everything else high speed, high octane and explosive, you will love Track Mayhem!

Download now for a quick adrenaline fix!


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